Mia Dona – NYC Restaurant Week

This past week (as well as the coming week) was Restaurant Week here in New York City. My husband and I try to partake of the festivities at least once each time Restaurant Week rolls around. Last night my husband and I joined our friends Kelli and Tim at Mia Dona to enjoy their Restaurant Week offerings.

We arrived for our 8:30PM dinner reservation and were told that they were running a bit behind and our table was not yet available. We checked back 20 minutes later and were told that our table was being cleared and re-set. We were finally led to our table at 9:00 only to find our table not exactly re-set as my chair was full of crumbs that I had to wipe away before I could sit . I would expect dirty seats at a fast food restaurant but not at a place like Mia Dona.

I was quite pleased with the options available on their Restaurant Week menu. For the first course, Kelli, Tim and I ordered the baked tubetti. The perfectly al dente pasta was absolutely delicious with its smoked mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce and chiffonade of basil. My husband ordered the salad with shaved vegetables. Yes, I was shocked that he ordered a salad. It turns out that he didn’t realize there was a pasta option. That may be my fault as I should not have assumed that he knew that tubetti is a pasta (oops!). Oh well, it’s good for him to eat some vegetables. For the second course, Kelli, Tim and I ordered the grilled Branzino which was SO GOOD! It was served with baby artichokes, potatoes and pan jus and I still can not get over the awesome grilled flavor of the fish! My husband, in addition to not loving vegetables, does not eat fish or seafood. At Mia Dona, this was not a problem. So many times you only have 3 entree choices and they rarely include beef. Well, Mia Dona had 4 options and they also offered beef. My husband could not have been happier! He ordered the grilled hangar steak served with haricots verts (luckily, one of the few vegetables he will eat), herbed ricotta and accented with sliced pepperoncini. The meat was very tender and juicy and the herbed ricotta and pepperoncini complimented the dish beautifully. For dessert, Kelli, my husband and I ordered the tiramisu which the menu said would be accompanied by espresso gelato (yum!) but instead came with vanilla bean gelato (eh, okay). Tim ordered the chocolate semifreddo but seemed to enjoy Kelli’s tiramisu better.

As for service, our head waiter was really nice and checked on us regularly. However, things started to fall apart during the dessert course when they started rushing us. A bus boy tried to take Kelli’s dessert plate while she was still eating and the head waiter popped by for a split second to ask if we’d like some coffee and before everyone could answer, she said “No? Okay, I’ll go get your check.” What?!? What just happened here? At first, I thought they wanted to turn our table but then I realized it was 10:30PM and the place was already half empty. Who knows what the issue was?

Overall, we all enjoyed our meal. The few hiccups in cleanliness and service were not enough to put a damper on our night. I do recommend this restaurant – – get the grilled Branzino!

My rating (out of a possible 5):