Yes, yes… it’s been a while, yet again…

And again, I have a wonderful excuse… My baby girl has arrived!!!

I am going to keep this post short as my newborn daughter is bound to wake up, screaming for my awesome custom-made milk.  That is, after all, all I’ve been producing lately.  I’ve been lucky to have an awesome husband (aka Baby Daddy) who has been cooking – and cleaning –  for me.

No, I have not been cooking, but as a ravenous breastfeeding mama, I have been eating.  Lots.  My favorite food these days?  Hot dogs.  You see, I wasn’t allowed to eat hot dogs while I was pregnant due to the risk of listeria.  But now that I am not pregnant?  You can find me in line at Gray’s Papaya, which is conveniently located on the same street as my daughter’s pediatrician’s office 😉

I am looking forward to all of the previously banned foods that I’ve missed so much… raw milk cheeses, runny egg yolks, smoked salmon, medium-rare steak, oysters on the half shell.  Oh my, I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

Now, as for cooking… I suppose I will have to get back in the kitchen at some point.  And when I do, I hope it’ll be blog worthy.  My husband, daughter, cat and I are moving to a larger apartment at the end of the month and my birthday is coming up so I am hoping to receive some new kitchen gadgets to occupy my new, expansive counter tops.  If I do, I will be sure to at least post about what goodies I make with said kitchen gadgets.

Well, thanks for sticking around.  I will try not to be a stranger.  Until next time…