Sis Boom Devon Peasant Top

My next sewing project is going to be the Sis Boom Devon Peasant Top.  It is touted to be a very beginner-friendly project and that is exactly what I need.  There are many options for this pattern… I am planning to do a hip-length top with full basic (rather than bell) sleeves.

Are you ready to see the fabric I’ve chosen?  It’s kind of crazy, I know.  I *like* crazy 😀  Plus, as my 5-year old daughter and I were looking online at fabric, she pointed to this one and exclaimed “That one looks like Strega Nona.”  You know what… it totally does!  Heehee.  I love it!  Okay, so here it is…









It is Alexander Henry’s ‘Eden Chain’ in Ochre.  I really do love it.  The only issue is that when purchasing fabric online, it is very difficult for me to visualize the scale of the print.  I thought that this one would be larger, but it is smaller by maybe 50%.  That’s okay, though.  I am still pretty excited to make my ‘Strega Nona’ peasant top out of it!

So, that’s my plan!  What’s your next project (sewing or otherwise)?  I’d love to hear!


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