Product Recommendation: My Brest Friend

Firstly, let me acknowledge that this blog post is not about cooking.  It is, however, about serving food.  Sort of.  This is a recommendation for a product that has really changed mine and my newborn daughter’s life.  I am talking about My Brest Friend.

My Brest Friend

This is a pillow used specifically for breastfeeding.  I am usually not a fan of single-use items and was *extremely* hesitant to purchase this item.  But when my daughter and I were having difficulty breastfeeding due to poor positioning, my husband went out and bought My Brest Friend for us.  We are so glad he did as we have not had any trouble since.  This pillow helps my daughter maintain proper positioning and latch and  supports my back, helping me maintain good posture, reducing back, neck and shoulder pain.  Before my husband bought this for us, I was sure I’d have to call a lactation consultant for a house call.  I’m so glad my husband spent $40 on this pillow before I unnecessarily spent $200 on a house call from a lactation consultant.

I can not recommend this product enough.  If you, or someone you love, are having difficulties breastfeeding, give My Brest Friend a try.  It can really improve your breastfeeding experience.

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