Electrolux ICON: I’m In Love

Last Tuesday, I had the great honor of attending an event at the Desiron Gallery in SoHo, featuring the super sexy Electrolux ICON line of kitchen appliances.  The appliances were expertly demonstrated by none other than The River Cafe’s Chef Brad Steelman.

We started the evening with passed hors d’oeuvers: Curried Lobster Salad on Lentil Wafers with Micro Cilantro, Seared Tuna with Avocado/Seaweed/Wasabi Mayo and Duck Breast with Rhubarb Reduction.  As I am “with child”, I was only able to sample the lobster salad, but it was delicious.  Based on what I heard from others, the seared tuna and duck breast were just as tasty.

Our dinner was made before our very eyes by Chef Steelman and his sous chefs.  Using the induction cooktop, Chef Steelman made Spring Asparagus Risotto.  He makes it ultra-light and vegetarian by using water rather than chicken stock (good to know!).  For our next course, we enjoyed a Colorado Lamb Roast, which was seared on the induction cooktop and finished off in the wall oven.  The roast took all of 12 minutes to cook.  What?!?  It was simply amazing.  For dessert (my favorite course at ANY meal) we had a luscious Chocolate Molten Cake which Chef Steelman baked in the high speed oven in… 4 minutes!

I’m telling you, the Electrolux ICON line of appliances is a dream come true for the cook who has better things to do than stand around waiting for a pot of water to boil.  I encourage you to check out the Elecrolux ICON website and try Chef Steelman’s recipes.  Everything is sure to please!

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