2 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Been a While… But I Have An Excellent Reason

  1. Oh, Tracy – CONGRATULATIONS! Yes, that first trimester can be so icky – but so worth it after the next two 🙂

    I’m sorry you were so sick, especially for your favorites – I know how rough that can be. Here’s to a healthy and happy remainder to your pregnancy and a supremely beautiful baby!

  2. Hooray! HUGE congrats, Tracy!!! When I read the title of your entry, I was hoping this was the reason behind it. What wonderful news! My very best wishes to you and your husband … and I hope you will be sharing pregnancy stories! I also hope the sickness will dissipate so you can get back in the kitchen. Wheee, I’m so excited for you and happy to see you posting again. 🙂


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