Link of the Week: Save The Legs!!!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Link of the Week!  Each week I will feature one of my favorite websites and provide a link to it so that you may enjoy it as well.  The featured website may or may not revolve around food and wine but it will be enjoyable.

This week’s featured website is Save The Legs!!!.  Save The Legs!!! is a cycling blog that covers the in’s and out’s of professional cycling from the enthusiast’s point of view.  It is intelligently written while also maintaining a good sense of humor.  I have learned a lot about the world of professional cycling from this blog and highly recommend it to my readers as well.  Professional cycling is such a civilized sport (read: non-contact) with awesome culture, tradition and camaraderie associated with it.

Growing up in Florida, I used to always ride my bike to the beach with my brother and never considered my bike to be anything more than a source of cheap transportation.  Now I have learned the value of cycling as an excellent source of aerobic exercise.  In inclement weather, I can be found in my gym’s spinning class and in warmer, drier weather, I can be found buzzing up and down the Hudson River Park bike path.  I’ve even biked Bike New York’s Commerce Bank Five Boro Bike Tour.  All 51 miles of it!

If you are a cycling fan, whether professional or amateur, I encourage you to check out Save The Legs!!!.  It’s quite an inspiring read…

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