Foreign Food Night

Tonight is Foreign Food Night for the Chin family (my husband and I). “What is Foreign Food Night?” you may be wondering? It is an event that my husband and I enjoy on the first full weekend of each month, usually on Saturday. It is the evening that we, okay mostly I, look forward to all month long. Each month we take turns choosing a new ethnic restaurant to try. Not only must the restaurant be new to us, but the ethnicity can not be repeated for the use of any other Foreign Food Night. Additionally, the ethnicity must be more exotic than Chinese and Italian. So far, we have enjoyed Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese, Peruvian, Greek, actually the list goes on and on.  Foreign Food Night is an excellent way to explore all the ethnic culinary delights New York City has to offer.

Tonight, we will be dining at Nam, a Vietnamese restaurant in Tribeca. This restaurant was recommended to me by Sandra Gluck, Food Editor at Everyday Food magazine. Please stay tuned for the review…

One thought on “Foreign Food Night

  1. What a great idea! When I was in college my friends and I did this for a very short time, with each friend choosing an ethnic restaurant each month. We were broke and none were really that committed to the idea so it only lasted a few months, but we had a good time. I’m going to suggest this to my husband.

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