Food Memories

My earliest memory involving food is of me, at 3 years of age, making poached eggs with my mother. She would pull one of our dining room chairs up to the stove and help me lower the eggs, one at a time, into the simmering water. I remember absolutely loving poached eggs, both the cooking and the eating. I would be so proud of my achievement and so happy to have spent that one-on-one time with my mother.

Throughout my childhood my mother would help me and my younger brother make special holiday treats. For Easter, we would make Easter Bunny Cakes. We would decorate them with white frosting and sweetened shredded coconut to simulate rabbit fur. The eyes and nose would be made of jelly beans and the whiskers would be made of colorful pipe cleaners. Then we would dye some of the coconut with green food coloring and put this all around the base of the bunny so that it looked like the bunny was sitting in grass.

For Christmas, we made cookies for Santa Claus. We would make a sugar cookie dough with M&Ms. I remember being a little jealous that we were making all these cookies for Santa and we couldn’t eat any of them until after Santa had his fill. We would always leave the cookies out with a tall glass of milk and hope that Santa would leave us some cookies. Luckily, he always did.

As a future Mom, I look forward to cooking with my children. I can’t wait to make bunny cakes and Christmas cookies and share that special time with them. I hope that the happy memories will stay with them as they have with me.

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