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My husband and I have been to the UWS outpost of Magnolia Bakery twice since it opened this last winter. We have never been to the Village location as waiting in line for an hour for a cupcake is simply not an option for us. That being said, these 2 experiences at the UWS location are the only experiences we have had with this bakery.

We have some issues with this place… the first time we went to get a cupcake, there was no signage to let us know what flavors we were looking at. We asked one of the employees what flavors they were and she pointed to the obviously chocolate one and said “chocolate” then she pointed to the obviously vanilla one and said “vanilla” then I spoke up and said “What is this one here?” and she didn’t know. Well, I took it anyway but when we got to the cashier, the cashier asked me which one I got. How funny. If they don’t know and there’s no signage, how can I possibly know?

Well, today we went back to get some cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party and again, there was no signage for the cupcakes. We knew better than to ask, so we just took 2 of each flavor/color and proceeded to the cashier to pay. The cashier again asked which flavors we got. We explained what appeared to be obvious- there are no signs, how should we know which ones we got?

Frustration aside, the cupcakes are very good. As an adventurous eater, I don’t really mind not knowing what flavor I’m picking. It does pose a problem in that some flavors cost more than others and since there are no signs to indicate flavor, there are no signs to indicate price.

If you’ve had any experiences with Magnolia Bakery, either UWS or in the Village, for better or for worse, I’d like to hear about them. Please feel free to comment!

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